What Is Your Refuge?

What Is Your Refuge?

Have you thought about where you find refuge from life’s storms? Maybe you never have, but I guarantee you have a place in mind. Or maybe it’s not a place, but a person? Or maybe not a person, but an event, an action or an ideal? Either way, we all have our own saving mechanisms; those things that make you feel better, or give you hope, or provide some form of safety when we encounter life’s harshest blows? This is what unites us as humans… is your place, person or thing lasting? Is it meaningful, does it help you flourish as a person, as a contributing human here on earth? There are so many potential storms in our lifetime, how do you deal with them. I myself find that have a lot of refuges. I love getting away to the mountains and climb, and try to forget about life in the city, but I know that’s a temporary fix. My question, is what is your ultimate refuge? I put together a video highlighting Psalm 46 that remind us that we need a lasting refuge from time to time, what is yours?

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